Blocked drains

kitchen drain unblockingHydro-Master is a local based company provides a quality services for unblocking and cleaning drains in Peterborough and surrounding areas. We use the latest professional and safe equipment which  is very effective, enabling us to solve problems quickly and economically. 

Every day waste such as fat, food scraps, soap, hair and other debris is discharged into the sewage system. Over time this waste attaches itself to the inside of the pipes, narrowing the aperture thus reducing the water flow. In the first stage, the water will slowly seep through the occlusion but finally becomes a total blockage which could be difficult and expensive to remove, it also may cause flooding inside or outside your house. It is very important to clean drains at the first sign of clogging.

Do not ignore any signs that may indicate beginning of clogged pipes such as slow water flow, unpleasant odours or gurgling sounds coming from the sink, bath or drains, these signs appear at a time, when in the drain begins to form a blockage.

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.If you have a blocked drain, blocked toilet, blocked sink or just need drain cleaning… Call Hydro-Master and we will resolve your problem efficiently at reasonable price.
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Blocked drain